Artist Development

Take your career to the next level with our artist development program. This audition-based program is structured specifically to build your package and get you ready for a career in the music industry. We know what’s needed to take a musical artist to the next level as we’ve had real-world successes and achievements in the music business.

The program provides training in vocal and instrumental development, songwriting, stage performance, music business and artist promotion. As you develop as an artist, we will use our contacts and resources to offer a variety of video production services ranging from YouTube-style music videos aimed at boosting channel traffic, to high-production, scripted, multi-camera/multi-location music videos with special FX, green screen and motion graphics options.

Work with our in-house team of writers and producers to record an original demo, EP, or full-length album. Build your social media fan pages and learn how to market and brand yourself. Or, focus on your music and have our social media contacts manage your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages by using content and call-to-action techniques to drive an increase in numbers and promote brand recognition. We’ll work with you to produce and gather the materials you’ll need to build your digital press kit, as well as develop a specific plan to help you advance your musical career and improve your professional image and presentation.



*Song structure/songwriting fundamentals, melody, lyric structure, harmonies, theory and music arrangement


*Choreography, connecting with the audience, stage direction and camera interaction


*Recording process training (pre-production through post-production using Ableton, Logic and/or ProTools) including studio equipment and microphone training