Recording studio

The Modern Music Academy is equipped with a state of the art recording facility running Pro Tools on a Mac Pro computer with Apogee converters, and a top of the line selection of outboard gear and microphones. We have a treated live room and vocal booth.

Gear List:

Computer: 12 Core Mac Pro

Converters: Apogee Symphony and Apogee Rosetta 800


Yamaha NS10’s, KRK V8’s (series 2), MAudio BX8

Console: AVID mixing console


Neaumann U87, NeaumannU 67, Neaumann 149, 2 Neaumann klm149’s, Peluso (U47 CLone)

Akg 414 (Matched Pair), 10 Shure Sm57’s, 3 Sennheiser 421’s, AKG d112, Shure Sm 7B, Royer 121 (matched pair) and many more.


UA 1176, LA2A, 4 DBX 160A’s, 1 Warm Audio 1176, 2 Distressors

Instruments: List furnished by request

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