Checking Your Schedule

We use a software platform called Wellnessliving to manage scheduling.You need to check your schedule daily to see if anyone has been added, canceled or removed. There is also a app that can be downloaded called wellness living elevate. Your schedule is a living breathing tool thats always changing.

To login, use your provided email address and the password: tmma123

Getting Paid


5) Invoice template (this should be filled out and emailed to  every 2 weeks and name it with the date range and your name.  For example, if you started working this week, the first date of your invoice would be Monday, 1/8/18 and the last date would be one week from the following Sunday, 1/21/18.  Therefore, the invoice would be named as such:  010818-012118_FirstLast (please write it out exactly like that).  You will then need to send this invoice the next day after the last day of this invoice (in this case, Monday, 1/22). 

Note: The Modern Music Academy is NET 30 DAYS. This means that it could take up to 30 days to receive your payment after your invoice is approved.

Daily Procedures and using the teacher Portal

To access the teacher portal, click the link below. I recommend bookmarking this on your phone and computer for easy access. You can also get to it through our website.

PASSWORD: tmmateacher