To discontinue lessons and to discontinue charges to your account, fill out this withdrawal form on or before the 14th of your last month.

We do not prorate tuition for the last month’s lessons.

As a reminder, per your registration agreement, students will be responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons.  

No refunds are given for students missing their last month.   

No exceptions will be made for moving, relocating, illness, etc.


Please complete the form below

Student Name *
Student Name
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Todays Date *
Todays Date
Last day student will attend lesson *
Last day student will attend lesson
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Per my registration agreement I understand that I must fill out this form and submit to TMMA administration on or before the 14th of my last month to have my charges at The Modern Music Academy discontinued. I also understand that by withdrawing, I will loose all accrued make-up lessons and upon re-registering for lessons, a new registration fee will be charged. By signing this form, I agree and understand that lessons are month to month, but I must let the Academy know on or before the 14th of my last month. No exceptions will made for me and no refunds will be given to me for this policy.